PyATL Talk Submissions 2022-2023

Atlanta, GA August 11, 2022, September 08, 2022, October 13, 2022, November 11, 2022, December 09, 2022, January 12, 2023, February 09, 2023, March 09, 2023, April 13, 2023, May 11, 2023, June 08, 2023, July 13, 2023
Tags: Python, Machine learning, Pytorch, Django, Flask

Accepting Submissions

PyATL meets every month in Atlanta for presentations and discussion about Python, the powerful and easy-to-use programming language. Every meeting tries to include something for beginners, and also to tackle advanced topics for seasoned developers. We are all learning, so don’t be shy about attending, no matter your experience level! Come discover the feeling of community that emerges when people step forward from behind their blogs and keyboards to talk about their favorite programming language.

CFP Description

We’d love to have YOU come speak for us! We Typically start our meetup around 7:30pm EST. We’d like to have between 1 and 2 speakers lined up each month who can talk for about 45 minutes each, but longer or shorter talks are totally cool too.

Here are some ideas for topics:

  • Tell us about a library you use a lot
  • Tell us about a library you wrote
  • Tell us about a cool new python feature

The sky is the limit!

We have started having In-Person meetups again, but we can discuss having a virtual event for special occasions.

We tend to meet at Manuel’s Tavern, and you should have access to wifi and the ability to show slides on several TVs throughout the room.

We are working towards being able to record our events, and hopefully will begin posting talks at some point in the future.

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