PyCon Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey May 02, 2020, May 03, 2020

CFP closed at  January 19, 2020 23:59 UTC

PyCon Turkey is an international Python conference where we aim to bring Pythonistas of all levels around the world together for exciting talks for two days. We are proud to host more than 350 attendees and speakers from all around the world.

Our conference is at Bogazici University in beautiful Istanbul, Turkey and runs from May 2nd - 3rd.

The deadline for submissions is: January 19th, 2020 23:59 UTC.
We’ll let you know if your talk is accepted by: February 15th, 2020

Please submit your proposals today, and encourage people you know to submit - especially those that wouldn’t normally do so and/or those that might normally be underrepresented at a tech conference!

CFP Description

Call For Proposals

Are you considering speaking at PyCon Turkey? Great!

We are looking forward to proposals from:

  • People who have spoken at Python conferences before
  • People who have never spoken at any conference before
  • People who have extensive experience with Python
  • People who use Python in their spare time
  • People who want to talk about something that isn’t specifically Python


Length: 25 + 5 minutes

We expect the following information about your talk:
Talks will be presented in English.

Title: This is what will be shown in the schedule.

Elevator Pitch: A short description of your talk. If your talk is accepted, the abstract will be published on the conference website. This is the place to tell people:

  • What you will be talking about.
  • What they will learn from your talk.
  • What background experience they should have to get the most out of your talk.

Description: an in-depth explanation of your talk, read-only by reviewers. An outline of your talk along with a time breakdown is encouraged but not required. Please do not include any personally identifiable information in the description, as this will effectively de-anonymize the proposal.

Bio: The speaker profile (“Bio”) section will be hidden from the reviewers when they read through all the talks. After discussing the talks and narrowing down the selection, the profile section will be revealed and then the team will make a final decision. Please do not put any personally identifiable info in any other field!.

Notes (optional): This is where you would tell the reviewers anything they need to know about your talk that doesn’t fit in another section. Such as any additional equipment you might need, whether or not you’ve given this talk before, etc.

Other Info

Multiple presenters
We do allow for multiple presenters, but we ask that you and your team present one proposal. Submit the proposal under the profile of the person who wishes to be the main point of contact for reviewers and the program team. If your talk is accepted, we will then require information about your co-presenters.

Every session at PyCon Turkey will have professionally-produced video recordings published to our YouTube channel.

If you do not wish to have your talk recorded, please note this in your submission. Doing so will not influence the selection process in any way.

Lightning Talks (⚡️Talks)
Time Limit: 5 minutes

Not up for a full talk? Looking to give your first talk at a conference? Lightning talks are talks of 5 minutes or less, with or without slides, on almost any topic you want! Even if you’re nervous or shy, remember: it’s a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. Sign-ups will happen at the conference and more details will be forthcoming.

If your talk is accepted, we will cover your PyCon Turkey ticket but unfortunately, we will not be able to cover your travel or lodging expenses.

Selection Process
We’ll choose a selection of talks that we feel add up to the most enjoyable, interesting, beneficial engaging program for our attendees. Conference organizers will all be reviewing submissions and collectively deciding which ones to accept. We’ll publish the list of selected talks as soon as we can after the deadline.

While we all love Python, we recognize the strengths of other technologies as well. Talks that insult other technologies and the people who use them will not be accepted and are in violation of our Code of Conduct.