CFP closed at  May 15, 2019 05:05 UTC

PyCon Rajasthan is a conference for Pythonistas that aims to bring students, software developers, MNC executives, startup founders and experts from across the globe on a single platform.

PyCon Rajasthan is a premier conference on Python and its applications that is being organized for the first time in Rajasthan. We want to give a stage to all enthusiasts who have the desire to share their knowledge and meet as many like-minded people as possible.

  • Expected footfall: 800+
  • Website: Under development
  • Contact:
  • Twitter: @mharoPyCon

CFP Description

PyCon Rajasthan invites all interested people to submit proposals for scheduled talks and tutorials. All topics of interest to the Python community shall be considered.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

You, your friends, your friends’ friends or anyone with any level of Python knowledge is a candidate for a great topic at this conference. As we get attendees of all kinds, we need speakers of all kinds. In all ways and manners, we try to assemble the most diverse conference we can, and we do that with your help.

Whether you got started with Python last month or you’ve been around for 20 years, we think you’ve got something to share. The Python community is stronger than ever and we’re still reaching new areas, new industries, and new users. Be a part of growing Python by helping us change the future.

In particular, we welcome submissions from people that have never done a talk before! And if you want help preparing a talk, let us know! Volunteers are eager to help new people with talks.

How to write a proposal?

If you have an idea (or don’t!) and want to speak, here’s a very rough process of what you should do next:

  • Brainstorm or mind map to expand upon your ideas or knowledge in search of a general topic.
  • Write a paragraph or two, or some bullet points, to outline the core concepts you want to communicate and what people might learn from your talk.
  • Get someone you trust to read your notes and tell you what they think they’d learn.
  • Ask one of our mentors for help with building up your submission.
  • Practice!