PyConWeb 2020

Munich, Germany May 09, 2020, May 10, 2020
Tags: Python, Web-development, Django, Flask, Asyncio, Aws, Jinja, Ui, Frontend, Pyramid, Plone, Tornado, Aiohttp, Web-sockets

CFP closed at  March 07, 2020 22:59 UTC

PyConWeb 2020 is the fourth edition of a two-day conference focusing on the Web technologies around Python, taking place on May 9-10 in Munich.

Great talks and workshops will be covering most popular frameworks and libraries, uniting the Python web community and removing framework borders. Whether it’s Django, Plone, Pyramid, Tornado, Turbogears, or Flask – everything is welcome.

CFP Description

Everyone is very welcome to speak at PyConWeb, as a community conference we are simply looking for people willing to share the knowledge. The only requirements are experience in the topic and understandable English.

The conference is focused but not limited to Python and Web development. Here are some topic ideas:

  • Web frameworks, applications, CMS

  • Related Topics & Technologies: REST, APIs, JS, HTML, CSS

  • Successful build pipelines, eg pip + npm + gulp, webpack

  • Continuous integration best practices

  • Web application containers

  • Insights into related libraries, eg parsing xml or json

  • Python best practices, applicable to web

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