React Native London

London, UK

CFP closes at  January 23, 2020 23:01 UTC

This group is for anyone interested in React Native, the javascript framework that is taking over mobile development. Whether you’re a veteran RN developer or just interested in this awesome technology, join us to learn and share your own experiences.

We aim to meet once a month. We’re looking for speakers, don’t hesitate to contact us!

CFP Description

We’re looking for talks of any length giving the community basic to advanced insights on how React Native can be used to build real project.

Topics you can cover

  • Core features of React Native
  • 3rd Party Libraries and the problems they are solving
  • Testing
  • Devops and deployment issues with React Native
  • State Management
  • How to have a proper full-stack approach
  • Return of experience on a project in production

Attendees (1)

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