React Conf Brasil 2018

Sao Paulo, Brasil October 20, 2018

CFP closed at  September 21, 2018 05:09 UTC

[pt-BR] Em 2017, a comunidade React Brasil foi pioneira em organizar a primeira conferência React na América Latina. Inspirada nas conferências dos EUA e Europa, reunimos o bleeding edge dos desenvolvedores e empresas com um único propósito: move fast and forward. Neste ano, queremos continuar fazendo história e realizar a segunda edição da React Conf Brasil, mantendo nosso propósito e aumentando o número de desenvolvedores participantes.

[en] In 2017, the React Brasil community pioneered the first React conference in Latin America. Inspired by US and European conferences, we have brought together the bleeding edge of developers and businesses with a single purpose: move fast and forward. This year, we want to continue making history and carry out the second edition of React Conf Brazil, maintaining our purpose and increasing the number of participating developers.

Speakers and themes for 2017:

Raphael Amorim -Scratching React Fiber Fernando Daciuk - The magic world of tests with Jest Kete Rufino and Christino Milfont - Transforming a Legacy Front End into a React SPA Marcelo Camargo - Let’s dive into Babel: How everything Works James Baxley - Statically Typing your GraphQL App Clara Battesini - MobX: The light side of the force Henrique Sosa - Gorgeous Apps with React Motion and Animations João Gonçalves - Million React PWA (Case of Success) Raphael Costa - Building the Pipefy mobile app in 3 weeks with React Native, GraphQL and Apollo Sashko Stubailo - The GraphQL and Apollo stack: connecting everything together Sebastian Ferrari - Why React is good for business Matheus Marsiglio - Isomorphic React + Redux App Matheus Lima - What’s Functional in React Keuller Magalhães - React Performance from Scratch Geisy Domiciano - Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment with create-react-app Sibelius Seraphini - Relay Modern

We will shortly review the submissions and announce the second edition speakers.

CFP Description

[pt-BR] Se você tem uma palestra inédita, com temas relacionados a React JS, React Native, Fiber, GraphQL, Redux, Relay, Jest, PWAs, ou outros frameworks e bibliotecas reativas, envie sua proposta. Responderemos a todos.

[en] If you have an unpublished talk, with themes related to React JS, React Native, Fiber, GraphQL, Redux, Relay, Jest, PWAs, or other reactive frameworks and libraries, submit your proposal. We will respond to everyone.