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CFP closed at  September 26, 2018 14:00 UTC

React London is the largest React user group in Europe- with around 3000 members. We meet one evening a month at venues around London. We are a sociable group and very welcoming to newcomers.

CFP Description

The Audience Around 200 developers attend the meetup each month - some in person and some via the live stream. The level of experience and knowledge of React varies from beginner to expert- this can make things tricky but we would suggest you pitch our talk more towards the intermediate/ expert level as this is an audience that likes to be challenged. If they don’t know they will go home and make sure they know.

What does the community want to hear about? It may seem obvious but please make sure the majority of your talk focuses on React and the related tech. The ideal talk would include a combination of code demos, an introduction to a new idea and examples and learnings from a live project. Please avoid talks based purely on opinions, visions or projects far from finishing

We’d love to hear your ideas for 20 minute talks and lightning talks- whichever you think is most appropriate.

If you’d would like some help finalising your idea please drop us an email - or make a note for us along side your submission and we’ll get in touch

Please only submit talks that are focused on the React ecosystem- general front end / tech talks won’t be considered for this meetup.

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