Riverbed APM User Conference Vol. 2

Microsoft Technology Centers, 12012 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190 August 29, 2019, August 30, 2019


CFP closed at  July 31, 2019 15:07 UTC

As this is a conference for practitioners, by practitioners, there are lots of opportunities for you to showcase your expertise! Here are the three types of sessions you could lead:

  • Ignite talk—Break the ice! Ignite talks are a fun, five-minute kickoff presentation on any topic of your choice. This is a perfect opportunity for you to share a story—or even practice your performance-related standup routine. Limited to exactly either 10 or 20 slides with auto-advance.

  • User technical session—Take 30 to 45 minutes to share your expertise. “Hands on” and “how to” topics are encouraged.

  • Open spaces—Pitch an impromptu topic and form a quick focus group on any topic that’s on your mind. This is a great opportunity to get together with other interested parties while at the conference. No advance submission required.

CFP Description

Connect, share, learn!

We want to encourage our user community to participate and share their experience and knowledge in performance engineering. If you feel passionate about a topic don’t hesitate to participate in the CFP—you will find many kindred spirits who will appreciate your expertise!

Just to get the creative energy and ideas started here are a few sample submission topics to consider:

  • Cloud native best practices for well behaving apps
  • Monitoring containers in OpenShift, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Instrumenting .NET core, GO, Java and Node.js
  • Automating deployments with the cloud
  • Best practices in monitoring user experience for SaaS-based applications and Office 365
  • Integrating ServiceDesk/HelpDesk workflows into DevOps
  • Diagnosing problems with the database/message queue
  • Tips and tricks with advanced analytics

Last year’s agenda/presentations can be found here: https://www.riverbed.com/dm/events/geo/americas/apm-austin.html

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