Curitiba, PR, Brazil August 29, 2018, August 30, 2018, August 31, 2018, September 01, 2018
Tags: Science, Python, Physics, Bioinformatics, Electric engineering, Economics and operations research, Emerging computing technologies, Earth sciences, Social sciences and humanities

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SciPyLA 2018 is the sixth annual conference about scientific computing with Python tools. It is scheduled on August 2018 in Curitiba - PR, Brazil. During the four days of the conference there will be activities including, but not limited to, talks, social events, hack nights, job fair, development sprints, poster sessions, hands-on labs and workshops . The SciPy community is aimed at improving and fostering the adoption of scientific computing powered by open source Python tools optimized to solve problems in the fields of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.

SciPyLA 2018 will be the venue to explore innovation opportunities in Latin America’s life science industry. Join researchers leveraging Python tools and explaining how biotechnology finds its way in Latin America.

CFP Description

Official languages

Spanish, Portuguese, English


  • Promote the use of accessible and reproducible approaches in scientific research.
  • Present recent sci-tech findings using Python or related tools.
  • Promote the use of Python in science development.
  • Contribute to the Latin American technological development.

Acceptance notification due date: August, 6th, 2018.


  • Tutorials : Workshops on Python tools offered by experts and aimed at improving the productivity of researchers.
  • Presentations and lectures Keynote speakers will talk about global trends and best practices in science.
  • Poster Sessions You could present investigation pipeline and results using visually appealing tools.
  • Sprints Meet the authors of recognized libraries in order to implement more efficient ways to perform scientific calculations.
  • Lightning Talks Promote and expand the scope of researches by briefly presenting ideas to specialists of the region.

Subscription / Participation / Payment

At least one of the authors must be present at the event, so it will be required to register at the event.

The registration rates only cover event attendance. For more details consult the registration rates.

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