ScrumRVA Monthly Gatherings

Richmond, VA

CFP closed at  December 31, 2017 11:51 UTC

The Richmond VA Scrum User Group (ScrumRVA) is looking for monthly sessions and workshops which showcase experiences, learnings, and the practical application of Scrum. What has worked well and not so well? We want to hear the good, bad, and the ugly!

CFP Description

Talks around the following are always welcome:

  1. Team dynamics (how to motivate, empower, foster communication, etc.)
  2. Scrum Events
  3. Scrum Roles
  4. Scrum Artifacts
  5. DevOps
  6. Interactive Games
  7. Case Studies
  8. Estimation & Planning
  9. Product Ownership and Development
  10. Leadership Coaching and Organizational Change with Scrum

Our SUG attendees range from 0-30 years experience with the majority in the 1-3 year range. We’re a relaxed, inquisitive bunch and look forward to conversation and exchanging ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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