Serverless Days Seattle

Seattle, WA October 04, 2018

CFP closed at  August 29, 2018 09:08 UTC

Serverlessdays Seattle

ServerlessDays are a family of events around the world focused on fostering a community around serverless technologies.

Serverlessdays Seattle will be a one day, single track event on October 04, 2018 in Nesholm Family Lecture Hall at Mccaw Hall in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle.

Conference Size

Attendance will be limited to ~380 participants.

CFP Description

The Audience

We’re celebrating the inaugural year of Serverlessdays Seattle as an opportunity to build relationships with a close group of serverless enthusiasts! Conference attendance will be limited to ~380 people, this will be an unrivaled chance to participate in this very exciting aspect of cloud computing.

Themes for submission

If you have a story to share about using serverless ( or why you’d never use serverless ), we want to hear from you!

Some example themes to get you started:

  • I converted our Huffing and Puffing workloads over to serverless, and now we’re able to blow down 4 times as many Little Pigs’ Houses!
  • I tried to use serverless to make an age reversing spell, but all I got were these poison apples
  • With serverless, you too can learn to cast Forest of Thorns and Transmogrify Self Into A Dark Dragon in front of King Stefan’s castle
  • Using Serverless, I managed to unite the Lion & Hyena Kingdoms in order to overthrow my brother as Head of the Pride