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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Noah’s Event Venue.


Traditionally in software product development, those responsible to get the product out to customers work separately, with the exception of development teams. These groups use different tools, have separate budgets, are at time shared resources with other parts of the organization and have their own unique cadences. They don’t typically understand each other’s processes, pain points and timing. This causes discord and mistakes when trying to take things to market. There is often finger pointing and disparagement. The DevOps movement has formed to promote working together upfront, automating the repetitive tasks, being blameless in retrospective and driving understanding into what it means to be dev or ops. It means that how they have worked in the past changes but relieves the animosity along the way with the benefit of getting items to the customer faster with higher quality.

Target audience:

Intermountain west (Utah, USA) open to all development, operations, QA, testing, security, leadership (at all levels but mostly focused upon line level and the Director, VP leaders), and any others roles we might have left out. Expecting between 400-500 attendees both male and female.

Event Context:

This is the second event held in SLC with the first occurring in 2016. It is organized to be relevant to the needs of the SLC community. SLC DevOpsDays is a branch of an international DevOpsDays conference. It is “The conference that brings Development and Operations together”

The “Why” of this event: Bringing local and national speakers to the SLC community to discuss collaboration, tooling and cultural changes/opportunities. Let people share expertise, make connections, train one another and talk about lessons learned. A very open source discourse.

CFP Description

Theme for 2017:

Humans and Tooling: Building reliability into your DevOps team
Definition of reliability
1: the quality or state of being reliable
2: the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials
Simple Definition of reliable
able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed : able to be relied on
able to be believed : likely to be true or correct

The beauty of a Continuous Delivery pipeline and all of its components is knowing your monitoring and feedback loops are consistent. Implementing a good setup and proper maintenance you can consider them reliable, but machines are the easy part. Tools are always easy, humans are complex and it is the human which works with other teams, to collaborate, gather and validate the requirements for the pipeline. To create a welcoming culture and successful CD pipeline, a new team formation is essential. Thus DevOps was born to bring together groups previously pitted against each other via conflicting bonus plans, timelines, and business drivers. SLC DOD 2017 is all about this: you can’t create reliable feedback tools without recovering the human trust. How do we tool up and trust rapidly to prove we can rely on both.

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