Developer portal Bingo

By Kristof Van Tomme

Elevator Pitch

A developer portal is arguably the first investment any DevRel team should make. In this talk I explain why that should not just be the API reference in HTML format. After the introduction I walk through some of the most important things any developer evangelist should know about API docs.


Do you know how to turn documentation into a world shattering developer experience? Grab your pencils, it is time for API docs Bingo! In this talk you’ll learn about the curious world of API docs, exploring the different documentation components you need for a great developer experience through a series of less known facts and non-obvious insights.

Should you automatically generate your SDKs? Is there a difference between guides and tutorials? Are reference docs sufficient for your API docs MVP? What is the difference between API docs and a developer portal? What are worked examples and what role do they play in developer portals? Find out if you know the answers to these and many more questions and make a chance to win some Belgian chocolates!


This is the 3rd year that together with my team, I’ve been doing research into what makes a great developer portal, and what kind of documentation APIs need. I will do the talk with a Bingo sheet, that has loads of facts about API docs, a handy hand-out for anybody working on a dev protal. Oh, and I’m bringing Belgian chocolates…