Anu Mittal



Anu is a seasoned iOS Engineer at Circles.Life, Singapore, where she blends innovation with practicality in mobile app development. Her passion for technology extends beyond her professional role as she contributes as a tech article editor at Kodeco and volunteers with the Women Who Code Mobile Chapter, fostering an inclusive tech community.

Her journey in tech is marked by prestigious experiences like being a Google Summer of Code Student and a Google Code-In mentor, showcasing her commitment to learning and mentorship. Anu is a familiar face in the tech meet-up scene, as an attendee, a speaker and an organizer, driven by her belief in the power of knowledge sharing.

Outside of tech, Anu is an avid traveler and photographer, capturing life’s moments, and a dance enthusiast, bringing joy and energy into everything she does.

PS. She is a loyal Coldplay and Taylor Swift fan :D