Lav Kumar



Lav Kumar, a dedicated and results-driven full-stack developer based in Fremont, California, brings over 12 years of experience in designing and implementing robust software solutions. Currently serving as an LMTS at Salesforce Inc in San Francisco, Lav has made significant contributions to AI-powered search functionalities, enhancing user experience through personalized search results and optimized search algorithms. His career also spans roles at Nokia and Samsung, where he developed key features and applications, contributing to the commercial success of various products. Lav’s expertise extends to Java/J2EE, UI development, microservices architecture, and AI/ML technologies. He is passionate about big data and data science, continuously seeking to leverage these in creating scalable and innovative solutions. His work has been recognized with multiple awards for excellence and innovation at Salesforce, Nokia, and Samsung. Lav is also a Salesforce Trailhead Ranger and an Accelerate Program Graduate, reflecting his commitment to professional development and mastery of Salesforce technologies.