Successful Content Marketing in DevRel

By Atsushi Nakatsugawa

Elevator Pitch

What content is best for developers? Companies must choose appropriate content for their individual KPI. I will introduce ways to determine what type of content is best for your KPI.


What is the role of content in DevRel? One company may aim to increase registration, while another may want to increase user activity. They both have KPI, but the KPI differs depending on the company.

For example, real world events are extremely important, but they have high costs and physical limitations. On the other hand online content is useful for reaching a global audience and distributing product information. Online content is on demant.

We employ various type of content such as blog articles, documents, tutorials, videos, eBooks and original content for external media. Each method targets a different KPI. Blog articles introduce content. eBooks are good at in depth content for new technology. We use videos or tutorial documents for hands-on session.

Each type of content has a different aim. We have to figure out what type of content is best solution for your service’s goal. I’ll introduce how to choose the appropriate content that is low cost but also high performance.


Audiences will know what type of content is the best for their service.

My company provides DevRel support for my clients in Japan. Our client’s needs are diverse. For example, they need an Evangelist, articles, videos and event planning. Many clients continue to outsource DevRel to us for 2 or more years.

Each companies focus on different KPI. Companies want to increase new registration, user activities or awareness. We have to make optimal tailored content for each client.

Big companies have a number of Evangelists and separate tasks for their teams. One team may make blog articles, and another team publishes tweets, manages API documents or videos. They have limited knowledge of DevRel. However we can explain all aspects, because we provide outsourcing for DevRel.