Ryan Boyd



Me in 5 points

  1. Father and Partner
  2. Developer Advocate
  3. Engineering Manager
  4. Marketer & Business Professional
  5. Geek


Ryan developed enterprise web applications, web services and infrastructure for 5 years before joining Google and starting a career in Developer Relations. Over 8 years at Google, he held a variety of roles in developer relations for 20+ open-source and commercial products and services. He was part of a small team which launched the Google Apps Marketplace and Google Drive, then moved to focus on Google BigQuery and eventually was Head of Developer Relations for Google Cloud Platform. After leaving Google and joining the startup world, Ryan regained his focus on data as Director of Developer Relations @ Neo4j. He enjoys coding, presenting, supporting, and helping to design product+marketing strategy.

Ryan’s teams have included many talented developer advocates, engineers, tech writers, program managers, and community managers.

He is also the author of “Getting Started with OAuth 2.0,” published by O’Reilly, and an identity/authentication/authorization geek.

My Talks

Boosting Adoption through Improving the 1st Hour Developer Experience

I am not a Preacher; Developer Evangelism --> Developer Relations