Bots and Carts

By Amir Shaked

Elevator Pitch

This lecture will go over some examples of automated attacks targeting eCommerce websites and specifically the cart and purchase flow. We will discuss some (anonymized) examples from customers, and current threats websites should know about.


Do you know who is accessing your cart and what are they really after? Do you share revenues with the right affiliate and why all those items are added to carts but not sold? In this lecture we will cover common automated attacks targeting the cart and checkout process of online marketplaces, conducted by various offenders who make profit by abusing the website’s business logic.


My name is Amir Shaked, VP of Research at PerimerterX, focused on identifying automated attacks via behavioral analysis. Amir specializes in web and data technologies, IOT devices and networking. At PerimeterX, I am focusing on the threats mentioned in the lecture, targeting our customers on a daily basis, causing extensive financial and reputation damages.