Griffiths Sibeko

Cape Town Area, South Africa


Griffiths Sibeko, a lifelong learner with a grade zero mentality who draws his design inspiration from nature, human interactions and communication patterns.

Learning how to use a computer at the public library at age 11 where the staff was always sceptical that he would break the equipment, he got to excel at using computers and got his first promotion from owning a library card to owning a library staff card. He later then realised his passion to design and develop solutions to help better ways in which people interact with the world around them.

Some of the accolades that Griffiths has achieved include winning the 2014 MTN Best Garage Developer competition, in 2016 Griffiths was featured in Forbes Africa for some of the sacrifices he had to make to pursue a career in software development. Currently Griffiths leads the Windows client team at Zapper.