Cooper Lees



I’m an Aussie who’s been at Facebook for almost 5 years. Previous to Facebook I worked for Juniper Networks via contact all over APAC, and was once a UNIX Systems admin @ the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization. I love modern computing technology, of late IPv6 and Python 3. I have helped with the efforts of pushing both to Facebook and associate companies. I would love to do this talk as I want to help convince the ‘real world’ outside of Facebook to go Python 3 first! This will all help the needed flow on effect we need to get rid of Python 2 as a viable choice.

Working daily with the language I’m always learning and have seen a lot of all the bleeding edge features at scale. This experience will help give my talk the edge. I’ve also give a few talks before. Here is an example of my key noting about Open Source @ Facebook @