David Pultorak



My name’s Dave, I’ve contributed to a number of IT best practice frameworks, including ITIL (V2). I found IT service management guidance useful back when it was current and relevant and there was a good reason to contribute to it. I’d like to find a way to get back to that place for all of us in IT–not to the same exact place–that’s crazy talk–but to the same place in the sense of having something common to snap to, that is actually useful, fresh, relevant, and worth contributing to. That’s what I’m passionate about. I think everyone in our tribe wins when we decide to snap to something common we can all shape, rather than rolling our own, with absolute assurance that whatever we roll won’t map to what the next person rolls, or trying to extrapolate from antiquated or balkanized guidance that we have little reason (or even ability) to help shape. I hope you’ll join my on my mission to make open service management a reality. We’ve got an initial set of content, a community and a consortium. All we need is you! I hope you’ll join us.