Kunal Varma



Please call me Kunnu :)

I’m a Software Engineering Intern at Endurance International Group (soon to go Full Time), with an M.Sc. in Information Technology (duh -_-) from DAIICT, Gandhinagar. Freelancing since 6 years, I’ve experience in developing medium to large scale applications and software for clients, worldwide. I specialize in designing scalable Software Architecture (GASP!). Practice and advocate clean and organized code, maintained with consistency (for the love of Dogs 🐶).

When not working, I can be found (…wasting my time) trying to defeat my twin-brother in FIFA, running around the streets (to shed weight, gained from mindlessly chugging coffee), cooking delicious lemon chicken (a.k.a disrupting the kitchen) or occasionally going through my ever-growing backlog of Things-to-learn, Videos-to-watch and Stuff-to-read (…which I’ll never finish).