Julián Forero

Bogotá D.C. Area, Colombia


I’m a DevOps Engineer, an automation fan and a Cloud Enthusiastic. I’m a great follower of DevSecOps paradigm, and all the challenges that do not let DevOps sleep. My dream is to have a magic script that do everything, to being able to play videogames :).

I’m a Systems Engineer with experience in Linux Server administration and infrastructure’s provisioning, virtualization and monitoring. I have knowledge in Configuration Management Systems such as Puppet and Ansible, continuous integration (CI) projects with Drone and Jenkins, AWS cloud infrastructure, provisioning with CloudFormation and Terraform, virtualization in hybrid cloud environments using KVM and hypervisors such as oVirt. Likewise, I have worked in app deployment of with Docker, monitoring with tools such as Grafana and Zabbix. I have knowledge with programming languages like Java, Python, Bash, PHP and PL / SQL.