Goh Chee Yim



I am an engineering manager or the person who ensures flow in delivering software product. I help to build team who cares about adding value in their work, instigate change and takes ownership.

Throughout my journey, I was mentored by great technical leaders from Silicon Valley (Amazon, Wells Fargo, PayPal and Intuit) and a bunch of startups (one in Beijing). Each one has shaped me into who I am today, especially in the power of scaling yourself.

Outside of work, I run the Women Who Code KL community with 5 talented ladies. I started it in 2014 to connect with others but found myself rediscovering technology all over again. Lately, my focus has been on mentoring program we kick-started in Mar 2017. In it, we train a group of ladies to code in Python from absolute beginners to intermediate level who in turn mentor others - learn through teaching.

Sometimes, I find time to engage with other communities - joining the organizing team for PyCon Malaysia 2018 and moderating the upcoming Women In Data Science conference in KL. I am also working on a secret project with a team, aiming to solve the hardest problem in property industry.