Jeanne Choo



Complete speaker bio:

I started programming at Code and Cake events. In the beginning I mostly ate cake. Over time the ratio shifted in favour of code. I got involved with R Ladies, spoke at Google Developer Dev Fest and ran workshops for people interested data analysis. I enjoy communicating technical concepts and have a fondness for The New Yorker cartoons.

I’m an engineer on the AI Singapore 100 Experiments team. We work with academia and industry to prototype Minimum Viable Products out of the latest research in data storage, processing and machine learning. Our projects range from real-time product recommendations to credit scoring. The end products have real effects on people, so it’s important that our workflow is transparent, understandable and up-to-date with best practices.

side-note: I was motivated to submit a talk proposal after attending Open CFP day. Thanks for the pointers! Also, if slots for talk are full, this material can easily be repurposed into a workshop format.