shashank khare

United Kingdom


Hi I am Shashank, a senior software engineer at Smarkets. I was the team lead of the marketing data team where I architected and implemented the pipeline from scratch in Python (as mentioned in the blog posts). I have been working as a software engineers for 7 years now for Cisco, Netapp, Facebook and now Smarkets.

I enjoyed working on the data driven marketing projects at Smarkets, and specially solving real world challenges and communicating the results with both tech and non tech folks. I have seen a lot of people trying to solve the same problems again and again while stumbling on the same issues which is why this talk!

Currently I am working on the core exchange for Smarkets which is written in Erlang. Before Smarkets I worked in Facebook for a bit, and Cisco and Netapp on Networking/File systems in C.