Thao Dang & Hilda Ng



Thao and Hilda from ThoughtWorks will be pairing to deliver this talk.

Thao is a Lead Consultant and Developer at ThoughtWorks, where she has worked for six years. Prior to joining ThoughtWorks, she worked in the banking sector for another six years. Thao is passionate about Agile delivery, and has been consulting with companies on software design/delivery, testing techniques, development methodologies and best practices. When not working, Thao enjoys spending time with her family, yoga and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, snowboarding, camping and bike riding.

Hilda has experienced being in a culture where project managers are reluctant to change working software for fear of issues arising, to a culture where developers have high confidence in their code changes, allowing them to make bold code refactorings and delivering real business value. She believes that TDD is a core enabler to building maintainable software, something all developers should strive to achieve.