Maximizing the Value of Diversity and Inclusion

By Amber Vanderburg

Elevator Pitch

How do we truly & practically increase diversity and inclusion within our organization? Attendees will learn a brief history of D&I in organizations, address some D&I challenges, and gain loads of tools to authentically approach the value of diversity and inclusion of your teams.


If you’re in the world of work today, then you already realize that diversity and inclusion is a very important aspect of how you do business. And for good reason. Studies have consistently shown the power of diverse and inclusive organizations; helping them stay competitive in the marketplace, drive innovation, expand the richness of thought, extend their reach and relevance and so much more.

In this course, I want to help you understand how diversity and inclusion can drive value at your organization. I’ll share some of the often overlooked pieces of diversity and give you some actionable ways for you to apply these ideas on your team.

I’ll also share how you can collect data, build referral programs, and help expand your network so your organization can be more inclusive.

So, if you’re ready to go- let’s dive in.


  • Attendees will gain a better understanding about the history of Diversity and Inclusion and why it is important
  • Attendees will understand the challenges of current teams and events with D&I
  • Attendees will experience activities the illustrate a potential shift perspective and approach to D&I
  • Attendees will gain practical and applicable D&I tools and approaches to implement in the team and organization

Session Outline:

A brief history of Diversity and Inclusion- (including a brief legal overview)
Facilitation of discussion about current challenges and events regarding D&I Offer new perspectives about Diversity (reframing diversity in teams) The importance of secondary diversity in increasing the richness of team discussion and effectiveness Activity– secondary diversity Practical tools and resources for a broader sense of diversity with a new goal (approaches and ideas in terms of building, valuing, training, and retaining diverse talent) Application of tools within specific teams and organizations Facilitated debrief


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