DevOps challenges in an offshore / onshore distriputed project.

By Mohammed Salah Adawi

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Offshoring parts of an IT project can dramatically reduce its cost. Adopting DevOps in such environments reduces the cost even more but also introduces new challenges. Here I’m addressing such challenges and how to overcome them for better DevOps adoption in offshore / onshore distributed project.



Optimizing the flow, amplifying the feedback loops and establishing a continual learning and experimentation environment while having several distributed teams working together is not an easy job. On one hand, establishing effective collaboration model between such teams requires special handling. Especially when considering the different barriers including the different locations, different languages and cultures. On the other hand, security regulations are usually more complicated when working on several locations. Security regulations are not an option. but complying with those regulations may cost a lot of time and effort.


In this session, we will be looking into the different challenges of DevOps adoption in an offshore / onshore distributed project. And how to overcome those challenges one by one.

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This session is more towards the culture and the organizational side of DevOps. However, a general understanding of DevOps concepts and principles is essential. This is a useful session for different types of audience including different technical teams as well as project managers.

As a DevOps consultant, My main job is to help customers migrate their IT services and applications towards DevOps. During my career, I’ve worked for many projects / accounts within the offshore part. I can clearly see such barriers and I’ve helped many projects overcome it.