Marcin Rzeźnicki

Kraków, Poland


I’m a senior software engineer at Iterators, disguised under a self-proclaimed title of Scala Tiger (or Scala Kitten), sometimes also known as Scala Animal. I have been in this business for ca. 10 years, mostly filled with immense displeasure of working in C#, Java or Ruby until I witnessed the advent of FP in the industry and regained the knowledge I’d lost leaving academia halls. Embracing Scala helped me to become born-again programmer, type system theorist and category theory hobbyist. I gave talks at Krakow Scala User Group, Chamberconf, Scalapolis, ScalaWAW, Lambda Days, Scala UA on subjects like: Kleisli arrows, category theory and Free monads. My coworkers wrote about me: “Don’t let Marcin start talking about type systems… He is an expert using Scala to build most composable and concise business logic for our partners. “ but I find it to be unfounded hype. I’m also the main author of oepn-source library called kebs: