Jack Maher

Columbus, Ohio Area


Jack Maher, MSIS, PMP, CAL is a digital leader who has deep experience in leading transformations of teams, technologies, and organizations in the delivery of technology solutions, making them faster, better, and cheaper.

Jack is currently the Build Process Owner, and Build Methodology Leader at Nationwide Insurance & Financial Services where he led the development and deployment of their next generation solution delivery methodology - ASDm the Accelerated (lean & agile) Solution Delivery methodology. This methodology begins when the business says “I need…” through deployment into production. Based on Lean standard work and delivered via SharePoint it has revolutionized the technology delivery processes and united the enterprise into a single methodology that spans ideation through the full technology stack.

Jack’s “Deterministic Process Design” enables the automation of the entire value stream, fully “shifting left” all the way to the beginning of ideation with a new approach to activity development and modeling that enables automated provisioning, management, monitoring, reporting for process automation and measurable results. Learn more about this topic at https://DeterministicProcessDesign.com