Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business

By Carmen DeArdo

Elevator Pitch

If you’ve ever worked on an enterprise “digital transformation” project, you’ve probably seen the usual pitfalls: delayed timelines, expanding budgets, and difficulty delivering continuous customer value. Shifting from a “project” to a “product” mentality is daunting, but has many benefits.


Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business

Agile and DevOps transformations have been key for speeding up software development, yet at large organizations these transformations are often declared failures with limited ROI. Development work is still disconnected from the business needs and teams are struggling to accommodate decades old software architectures; resulting in substantial technical debt.

Projects, organization charts, and enterprise architecture are the best representations of value creation we have today. But they are failing us, and we know it. To survive digital disruption, enterprises need a new approach for connecting the business to the software delivery pipeline.

During this talk, I will provide specific examples of why organizations have failed, and present a new concept - The Flow Framework - that allows IT leaders to optimize value creation across the entire organization utilizing product centric value stream networks.


A version of this talk was given at DOES18 London and the Atlassian Summit with Nicole Bryan and was selected as a finalist for “Best DevOps Presentation” of 2018