Discover, a high-traffic Open-Source Python implementation of GraphQL

By Stan Chollet

Elevator Pitch

18 months after running a high-traffic, geo-distributed GraphQL API in Python at dailymotion we decided to start over, rebuilding a new Python-based GraphQL engine, focusing on performance and developer experience.


In 2016, dailymotion decided to initiate a complete overhaul - from content strategy and product experience, to infrastructure and backend, nothing was spared. As part of this process, we started using GraphQL to become API-centric. After a year of intense hard work, our first GraphQL request was live.

Following this key milestone, we’ve continued to explore the many different aspects inherent to running a high-traffic, geo-distributed Python-based GraphQL in production. We’re now using these learnings to build a brand new open-source GraphQL engine focusing on performance and developer experience. We’re also including cool features like the Schema Definition Language, Open Tracing, Facebook’s libgraphqlparser and Dynamic Introspection.


We started to work on Tartiflette 6 months ago. The library is not stable yet. We plan to release a beta version during August. Parallel to the development, we are working on the website. Everything will be released before the GraphQL Summit.

The Tartiflette implementation will be fully Open Source.

Don’t hesitate if you have any questions about the Tartiflette vision and strategy.