Valerio Di Giampietro

Bologna Area, Italy


Valerio Di Giampietro is an IT Infrastructure Manager with a strong and deep technical knowledge and experience in cloud based infrastructures, networking, web servers, Oracle and mySQL databases, ERP applications, large Linux installation, virtualization environments, storage area networking, IoT devices.

He has a long-lasting passion for electronics and technology since when he was a child, for this reason he studied and got a Master’s in Electronic Engineering.

He became a Linux enthusiast since the beginning installing Linux on his 486 PC with 4 MB of RAM in 1993, running a a Linux based Fidonet BBS in 1994 and introducing Linux in the company he was working for in 1999.

Interested in understanding how devices work, always tinkered with various devices: in 2010 reverse engineered a Fastweb router to find the default password knowing only the SSID, later published tools on GitHub to uncram some non standard router file systems and other tools to find default passwords for some Telecom Italia Alice routers.

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