Marc Laforet



As a person driven by curiosity, I’ve developed a lifelong love affair with data. I’ve always looked to acquire and analyze the appropriate data to answer my most pressing questions. Initially drawn to molecular biochemistry, I eventually discovered programming after I ran a high-throughput DNA sequencing experiment in University. This experiment generated so much data that my only hope to analyze it was to write a program. After writing this program 5 years ago, I was hooked and began writing programs to source, clean, analyze and visualize data. Although I have written in many languages over the years, Python is by far my favourite because of its versatility, simplicity and community. To contribute back to this community I frequently volunteer as a coding mentor for Intro to Python workshops with Ladies Learning Code in Toronto. I strongly believe in doing my part to increase diversity in tech. With that being said my favourite member of One Direction is Zayne, simply because he’s the cutest.