Mat Ryer

London, UK


Programming since age 6 (Mat would type BASIC code out from computer magazines with his father to make little programs and games), Mat has always had a keen obsession with programming. When he was 18, he turned his hobby into a job working for an Internet service provider in a small town near Nottingham in England.

After founding a small technology company, Mat worked on many disparate projects in London and around the world and became an avid contributor to the open source community. He sold his company to Front Porch Digital in 2011 and moved to Boulder, Colorado for two years until the company was sold to Oracle. While blogging about technology, in particular a new systems language called Go that came out of Google, Mat was approached by a publisher to author Go Programming Blueprints (

Today he works for GrayMeta, employing his Go expertise in this exciting LA-based big meta-data company. He spoke at Gophercon in April 2014 (lightening talk) in Denver, Colorado and the UK’s Go conference in August 2015 and 2016 as well as infoShare in Poland and ProgsCon in London. He founded Testify and Silk testing packages.