José Pedro de Santana Neto, MSc

Florianópolis Area, Brazil


Author’s Bio:

José Pedro de Santana Neto, M.SC (Speaker) José Pedro is Software Engineer and M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, with emphasis on computational simulation using distributed systems. He is an expert in Data Engineering and also, he has been developed researches in the area of numerical methods using distributed systems and Lattice Boltzmann Methods.

Simone Perazzoli, Ph.D. Candidate (Speaker) Simone is Environmental and Sanitary Engineer, M.Sc and Ph.D. Candidate in Chemical Engineering, with emphasis on Development of Biotechnological Processes. She has been developed several studies on biological wastewater treatment processes, with emphasis on bioenergy production and water desalination. Also, she has experience with Python Programming Language, Jupyter Notebook, and Big Data tools for environmental applications.

Hugo Moreira Soares, Ph.D. (Supervisor) Professor Hugo Soares is graduated in Chemical Engineering, Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering by the University of Massachusetts (EUA, 1995) and Post Doctor by the Aachen University (Germany, 2009). He is Titular Professor at Chemical and Food Engineering Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He has strong expertise in the field of biological wastewater treatment with emphasis on the following issues: industrial wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, biological process for nutrients removal and petroleum advanced recovery through microbial processes.