René Ribaud



$ cat ~/.bash_profile NAME=″René Ribaud″ AGE=43

source ./

PROFESSION=″Unices system and storage administrator , since 2003″

HISTORY=″Lots (too many) of infrastructure implementation projects″ \ ″Discover Linux & FLOSS between 1995 / 2000″ \ ″First step in the cloud around 2011, pre-sales solution architect 2014 (Cloud, DevOps)″ \ ″I’m an Ops !″

COMPANY=″CGI 20th November 2017″

JOB=″Information system architect specialized around DevOps technologies”

VARIOUS=”Curious & self-learner, I spend part of my time monitoring new technologies in order to provide new and original solutions and sharing my knowledge.”

My Talks

8 months DevOps travel within a development team on a running project

Be pinched by a cRUSTacean to prevent programming errors !