A world without Next Next Next!

By Paul Broadwith

Elevator Pitch

Ever wished you could take all of those applications you run, install them and not have to click anything? Easily keep them up to date and not click anything? What if I told you that you could use your best scripting language EVER too?

PowerShell and Chocolatey for pain free software installation.


After this talk the attendee will come away with an understanding of:

  • The difference between software installers and packages;
  • How to create a Chocolatey package using PowerShell, a Nuget specification file and the software binary that will install the software without clicking a single button!
  • How to package that ‘special snowflake’ software installer that just really wants to make you click some buttons!
  • How Chocolatey LOVES PowerShell. It does;
  • How to use Pester to test your packages;
  • How to be part of the community, share and collaborate by uploading your new package for the world to use!
  • What the package review process is, how it helps you and how it gives peace of mind to those downloading and using your package;
  • How to keep your packages constantly up to date without lifting a finger, using PowerShell goodness and the Chocolatey AU module;
  • How to keep the software on your computer continuously up to date and keep it secure;

Learn how to create a Chocolatey package using your favourite scripting language (did I say Chocolatey LOVES PowerShell) sharing it, installing it and keeping it continuously up to date. Come with me on this journey, and you’ll see a world of Windows Automation.


I have been using Chocolatey for 3 - 4 years now and now work for Chocolatey since May. For Chocolatey I’ve attended conferences and given workshops aimed at both casual users and business users.

The attendee will not need a thorough understanding of Chocolatey before attending. I will give an overview of the current state of Windows software installers and they should be able to grasp from there the fundamentals of packaging / software.