Git Fundamentals - Open Up A World Of Community & Collaboration

By Paul Broadwith

Elevator Pitch

Git is the backbone of the modern IT world. It powers the massive open source community. It powers organizations large and small. It powers DevOps. It powers development.

So let me give you a fundamental working of Git and open up a world of collaboration and community.


By the end of this talk the attendees will have an understanding of:

  • What version control is;
  • What Git is;
  • What command line, GUI and PowerShell tools they need and what tools are recommended to work with Git;
  • Git with Visual Studio Code;
  • Using Git PowerShell modules;
  • Who uses Git;
  • Why they need to get on the Git horse;
  • How does Git work;
  • Essential Git commands;

I’ll also go through a demo of how to collaboratively work with Git, a few best practices, how to do your first pull request, working with the open source community and getting involved in a world that will help your career.


This talk is focused at the PowerShell operations team member / sysadmin role. These roles traditionally are considered non-dev and are probably the most remote from the open source community and alien to work collaboratively on open source projects. It is aimed at:

  • Introducing git to them and through that the world of open source;
  • Why working collaboratively with remote people they have never ever met, helps their role;
  • Understanding that these traditional operations roles are going away particularly for ‘point and click’ team members;
  • Windows automation relies on PowerShell and they need to know, acknowledge and work to understanding that to have a future role;
  • How git, open source, collaboration and PowerShell ensures they have a future career;

My background was traditional old style operations, infrastructure and support type roles and I have worked with many, and still know many, of these people who I fear their roles will disappear. It is about helping them ensure their careers advance and that they realise that they need to grow before it is too late.