van Gulick Stéphane



Stéphane is a passionate self taught Powershell developper. Onboard since Powershell version 2.0, Stéphane has been automating everything that crossed his road. From System Center to DSC, passing through SQL server, OSD, all the way up to complex migration projects (AD, Sharepoint, SCCM etc..) Stéphane never stopped learning. Today, Stéphane has been recognized several years in a row as a Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter management). He recently developed a passion for OOP, and tries to onboard everyone he can in this new paradigm of writing code.

My Talks

Creating and hosting beautifull websites using Powershell PSHTML and Polaris

Learn Classes with Class {} - Part 1: The introduction

Learn Classes with Class {} - Part 2: A new paradigm