Hybrid Cloud network automation with CIsco ACI, Terraform and Ansible

By devarshishah3@gmail.com

Elevator Pitch

Extending your workloads in a hybrid cloud environment can seem daunting. But Network automation with tools like Terraform and Ansible help you alleviate this headache. Learn how you can automate extending your Cisco ACI policies between your on-prem and cloud deployments using Terraform and Ansible


Terraform an Ansible and Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-code tools which are used widely in an on-prem and public cloud deployments. Learn how you can create, modify and delete network policies across AWS and on-prem consistently using these tools. This session will cover some basics of Terraform and Ansible but will assume some familiarity with Automation.


I have had extensive experience in Network automation including building Ansible modules for ACI, Terraform provider for ACI and speaking at Ansible fest and Cisco Live about Network Programmability (DEVNET-2000)