Deploying a Multi-Region Application on GKE via Terraform

By Andrés Zepeda

Elevator Pitch

A talk about scalability, architecture, distributed systems and battle stories from having a Node.JS application running on a single instance to a multi-region and production grade Kubernetes Cluster running on GKE, all deployed/created using Terraform.


A talk about the entire process of designing and implementing a migration from a simple yet powerful Node.JS application into a container running on GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), on where all the network infrastructure, Load Balancers, TLS, Proxies, Edge Machines (Bastion Hosts) and the application itself are created, deployed and managed by Terraform.


A talk to understand the architecture, best practices and battle stories when trying to use and implement GKE, Kubernetes, Terraform and the entire process of managing all the infrastructure via Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD practices and the DevOps mindset. I would love to be able to share this experience and the process of using all this technologies together.