Kapil Sharma

Kalyan Area, India


Development experience

I started my career in 2004, as Web Designer. I am now working in IT industry since around 14 years. During this period, I worked at different positions, technologies and roles.

This gives me chance to work on different projects of different complexities on different roles and a very good understanding of project complexities, issue and solutions for different stake holders.

I’m currently working as Technical Architect (Open source technologies, PHP, Java Script) at Eastern Enterprise, where major role is to decide project technologies, architecture and developers’ training in the team.

Community Experience

Annoyed of having no meetups and conference in India (Specially in Pune), I decided to start PHP community in Pune. This is how PHP Reboot was started in 2014. Since then, we are conducting frequent meetups on PHP and related technologies and I was the speaker in most of those meetups. PHP Reboot is now having 600+ member, many speakers and volunteers. It is supported by Jet Brains, Git Hub, and local sponsors for meetup space and snacks.

Open source

Other than that, I’ve contributed few open source projects, including bug fixes to Zend Framework 1, couple of libraries available through composer and many other workshop, training code (with videos on YouTube). GitHub: kapilsharma

PHP Reboot website was also open sourced (github: phpreboot). It was started as a place for developers of see how to implement big projects in PHP/Laravel and start contributing to open source. As a feature there, I was linking other blogs (Like phpdeveloper.org). When I recieved 2-3 mails from a authors not to link their blog, I discontinued project (website) to protect violating any possible copy-right but code is still available on GitHub. I’ll soon be restarting it with different idea, without linking anyone’s blog.

Why me?

This gives me wide experience with technologies (Mostly PHP and Java Script but other technologies as well) and speaking at public meetup. With a latest topics, I am confident this will talk on a recent and very good topic.