Jaymes Cloninger



Jaymes is the Managing Director of Motivf with a demonstrated history of creatively working in the geospatial, information technology, multimedia, and services industries. Jaymes is skilled in Mentoring, Management, Design Thinking, Digital Media, Business Process Management, and GIS.

Jaymes gets excited by working under pressure and switching mental gears rapidly between various types of challenges. He enjoys fostering an atmosphere of dynamism, ambition, and trust. Before Motivf, Jaymes worked in a multitude of management roles that usually leveraged user-driven requirements in technical applications; being the client’s right-hand to bring together the latest tech and behavioral science insight.

He is a die-hard Denver Broncos fan (yes even Tebow) and played basketball against the U.S. Men’s National Team. He sees many overlaps between managing a high-performance people organization and coaching sports teams in that the coach must accomplish group goals through others.

Jaymes got his Bachelor’s in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley and Master’s in International Studies in Vernacular Architecture (Anthropology of Shelter) at Oxford Brookes University.

Jaymes has worked in over 30 countries within a range of industries, and is constantly learning new languages (and expressions). He lives most of the year with his wife and two kids in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and spends non-school periods in Yeosu, South Korea among other places.