DVSR Krishna Koilada



Krishna Koilada is an accomplished Product, Technology, & Operations leader with Entrepreneurial experience launching new business models and go-to-market (GTM) products and services, specializing in the Telecommunications domain. Technology and Innovation-driven strategic approach in assessing jobs-to-be-done segments, building and managing products, and executing the strategies and innovations. Visionary and Executive Technical leadership in formulating /enhancing/ transforming the Organizational culture and building and managing effective Product Development Teams (PDT) and Engineering Operation Teams (EOT).

He assumes Director of Technology role, strategizing on the technology Innovation management and transformations and has an innate passion for entrepreneurial opportunities in the technology space. He holds a Masters(MS) degree in Technical Management from Johns Hopkins University and another Masters(MS) degree in Telecommunications from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. In addition, he actively involves in the business model innovations and transformations, nurturing the team growth and fostering the Organizational development.