Turn your AWS CloudWatch logs into decision making metrics

By Eduardo Lugo

Elevator Pitch

Most applications have logs, not all of them have metrics or alarms. What if I tell you there is a way to take existing CloudWatch logs and turn them into valuable metrics. No pain, no daemon, no libraries. Leverage your existing data and change your operations and how you respond to incidents


Who the audience is

This talk is intended for anyone who already has or is planning to have applications running in AWS

What they should expect

A detailed look into the process using the AWS console. How has that helped us in different scenarios to review behavior, spikes and historical data. And lastly a small glimpse to how to achieve that using IaC with terraform.

What they will learn

In this talk I will show you how you can leverage the logs you already have to get specific metrics that will show you whats going on with the applications you currently have running in AWS as well as historical data you can later use to support a better decision making for your business.


We have implemented what I show in this talk at our company and it has greatly improved our operations, we respond better to incidents, we know how our applications behave and perform better. The impact has been so profound that we have change the way we print our logs in some applications just so we can make better use of them