Lorenzo Solano Martinez

Dominican Republic


Education and Certifications

  1. Master in Project Management
  2. Software engineer
  3. Certified Scrum Master
  4. Certified Scrum Product Owner
  5. Certified Scrum Developer
  6. Registered Education Provider from Scrum Alliance (Trainer)
  7. Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

Current Practice

  1. Software development team lead
  2. Consultant
  3. University lecturer


Lorenzo Solano is an enterprise application developer with strong experience in Java EE and the Java Platform. He also works with .NET framework, languages and technologies. Lorenzo likes to describe himself as a husband, outdoors lover and cross-fit practitioner.

In 2011 he was, formally, introduced to the Agile and Scrum word with his first certification Certified Scrum Developer (CSD). After that date he began a journey of self-education, discussions with peers and other agile practitioners. In order to share, validate and increase his knowledge about agile practices he organized a series of Coding Dojos held at his city (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), that series was called “Kodisto Dojo” and ran from Oct 2012 (“Kodisto Dojo 01”) to Sep 2013 (“Kodisto Dojo 11”).

Meanwhile in his job he started to implement some of the XP practices like Continuous Integration (CI), Test Driven Development (TDD), Coding Standards among others. He also introduced a Kanban board to manage some projects tasks.

In his free time he helped a small software company Wepsys SRL by given a brief introduction to Scrum and eXtreme Programming. Also, they were introduced to Distributed Version Control Systems (mercurial and git) in conjunction with a C.I. Server. After that experience Lorenzo’s decided that his main desire was to help other individuals and organizations to achieve a higher degree of excellence by introducing Agile practices.

By Oct 2012 he moved from a big, traditional, telecom company to a small ISV (NovosIT) that wants to begin implementing Agile, more formally Scrum and XP practices.

Lecturer of Software Engineer and System Engineer careers at INTEC university.