How Gitlab Communicates Incidents

By Eric The IT Guy

Elevator Pitch

Your SaSS platform goes down hard, customers can not use your product, and your engineering team is working frantically to find the cause and correct it. Time is of the essence to communicate what is happening. You sit down at your keyboard, but what do you say?


In the IT Industry, many incidents have been misunderstood or blown out of proportion due to poor handling of communications during and right after a crisis arises. The how, when, and how much communication can be the difference between a media frenzy and an outage that people work through and forget about. Ever since a database outage in January of 2017, companies and contributors have received timely and effective communication from Gitlab.


This presentation should only require a projector.

I have been in the IT industry for over 10 years. I have worked with a number of different companies through different incidents. Communication is key. When I came to Gitlab, I was drawn to them because of their transparency. I get to share that love and what I have learned working for Gitlab with the rest of the industry!