Afsal Thaj



I am a software consultant, in Simple Machines, a high impact technology consultancy in Sydney, partners to confluent, lightbend, and AWS with focus on Functional Programming, Streaming technologies, Big data and reactive systems.

Talking about my experience, I have been working in Sydney for the last 4.5 years. I started in CBA as a ETL developer, moving on to serving their feature engineering team a Squad Lead.

Later on, I moved to Simple Machines as a consultant, and enjoying here for the last 1.8 years. I have got the rest of my experience as a data engineer / big-data developer, in India primarily working for company in Tokyo onsite.


Having worked for many clients as a software consultant, I believe in writing and make write robust software that has a high positive impact on business. During recent years, I strongly felt my passion as to build frameworks and libraries with the help of functional programming constructs, and enjoy releasing it bang on with no bugs! With my personal time learning Haskell, I do enjoy the power of FP in JVM world as well.

Blogging and sharing knowledge:

I am active in blogging programming concepts in general, principles that we should follow, and you can find my latest blogs in here: I do love sharing my gists that covers lots and lots of patterns covering reactive streaming, logging frameworks, useful code snippets and share through gitter in various channels.

Open source contributions:

I love working with open source community and has commits in various projects regardless of the language and technology stack. A few of them include twitter/scalding, cba’s coppersmith, clojure’s liberator and so forth.I have been recently active in contributing to projects of scalaz organisation, including commits scalaz-analytics, and design and development of configuration parsing library called scalaz-config. The latest personal project that is released is with active adopters.

What next?

In 2019, my focus will be knowledge sharing and attending talks where I can share my passion and motivate my fellow developers to adopt these concepts and principles that was proven to be successful.

My Talks

Generic Programming in Scala - all that we must know !

Kafka meets Functional Programming.